Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mosaics the Knitted Style

Whilst frolicking through the country side last year I a spied an unusual throw rug. On further inspection I discovered that it was pieces of knitted and crocheted samples sown together. I thought very hard and came to the conclusion that I could to it too!

Here are a few of my versions of 'Mosaics of the Knitted Style',
  • the purple/white was my first attempt
  • the red/white is one is for my niece and it a hanging picture in her bedroom
  • brown based my second masterpiece


  1. Where have you gone? Only the one post? Come on now Ms Knittywit - we want to see a lot more of this gorgeous work. Keeping an eye on you.


  2. Oh dear. That would be Ms Wittyknit.